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The original Japanese proficiency test function of is officially launched!

The original Japanese proficiency test function of is officially launched!

The questions of this test were made under the supervision of Attain Co, Ltd. They offer those oversea Japanese language learners JLPT simulation tests and online study courses. And the main edition work was done by Shinwa Language School, the Academy of Foreign Languages. You could choose questions of different tests according to your own Japanese proficiency level. Now why not show your Japanese competency to the company!


[1] Please click “Japanese language test” in the TOP page.

[2] Choose a level from the given four as shown I below image according to your Japanese proficiency and start the test.

Those who just start to learn Japanese or who feel like beginners, we suggest you to skip this test, and register (apply for a position) directly.

[3] If you are already registered, please log in and start your test.

You may choose not to log in, then you won’t be able to see the whole result.

[4] The test consists of 9 questions.

Please click “start” after you fully understand the question types shown in the picture. You need about 10 minutes to finish the test (Estimated Time)

[5] Question 1~5 are multiple choices. Choose the correct answer from the given four choices. Then, click “next” in the bottom right to answer the next questions. You cann’t go back to change the answer after you finish each question. The number in the bottom left show the time left for you to finish the test.

[6] Question6~8 are listening comprehension. Choose the correct one from the given four answers. Then, click “next” in the bottom right to answer the next questions. There is no time limitation for these questions.

[7] Question 9 is writing. Please write an short article according to the subjext given by system.

Please click “検定終了” to finish the test. There is no time limitation for writing.

[8] After finishing all the questions, you will see the result for your test.

But if you haven’t login to your account or don’t have an account, you cannot check the result including writing.

[9] You can check “Japanese language tests you had taken” record from the top page of Japanese language test. If you want to see detailed information, please click “Result”.

[10] After log in to your personal account, you can show your latest test result to companies with clicking the box of “Release test result to companies”. (Your result will not be shown to the companies if you didn’t click this box)

Come and try it out!


Inquiries about this contents, please contact, (Oda)

Read more about Japanese recruitment information, see Japanese-Jobs.com

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