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The differences between the first interview and the second. Master the key points, and get hired!

This article will talk about the general differences between the first interview and the second one, from the prospective of interviewer and interviewee separately. And to explain some questions which are most likely to be asked.


Should we send a Thanks letter after the interview?——The role Thanks letter plays and how to write it.

A Thanks letter after the interview can show how much you want to get the job to the company further. This article will introduce to you how to write and send this answering mail after the interview.


The final push! What to beware of during the offer phase

It is important to prioritize your list of candidates, allow them to get a feel for the company and check their job changing status during the offer phase. Offers must be sent out as early as possible.


Final stages of the interview! Prevent skill mismatch – Questions to ask

This article covers the important points to be conscious of when asking questions to adjust expectations and offers during the final stages of an interview.


Self-analysis, one of the “must-do” for Japanese students before applying for a job

This article will talk about self-analysis, this indispensable process during job-applying activity in Japan, introduce its necessity as well as some practical ways to do so.


Final stages of the interview! Prevent skill mismatch – Overview

This article gives an overview on what to be conscious of during the final stages of an interview, including candidate expectation and adjustments, giving the candidate more reason to choose your company, and detailed job descriptions.


4 tips to producing results in new business development

Developing a new business market is the most difficult aspect of business. However, it is crucial to expanding sales and this highly versatile skill can be utilized in any corporation. Here are a few points to be conscious of.


Creating a rewarding interview atmosphere for the recruiter and candidate

An interview should be rewarding for both the recruiter and candidate. Creating an interview atmosphere that helps the candidate relax and bring out what is special in them is essential for this. This article provides tips on how to create such an atmosphere.


Tips to motivate your subordinates

The motivation of subordinates or colleagues working under you is an important factor which directly affects the success of a project. Here are some tips on how you, as their superior, can bring out their motivation.

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