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Zazen Experience at Ryuunji : Clear Your Mind and Attain Enlightenment

If you work to death and become too tired, it will affect your appearance as well…! So, we visited Ryuunji (Ryuun Temple) in Setagaya


Big Eaters Rejoice! Where to Find Bigger Portions in Tokyo!

Food in Japan has a reputation for being healthy and portions being quite small compared to those in Western countries but, there are many options available for those who have huge appetites.


Eating Soil?! Try Soil-based Cuisine at French Restaurant “Ne Quittez Pas”

In a quiet residential area in Gotanda stands a French restaurant, Ne Quittez Pas, where you can taste the “power of life” through the natural ingredients of seafood and vegetables.


Go for a Treasure Hunt! Tokyo’s Underrated Spots to Explore

It’s time to venture out to other areas of Tokyo to explore! Tokyo doesn’t just consist of neighborhoods on the Yamanote Line e.g. Ueno, Ikebukuro. The capital city has many hidden gems to visit yet they are rarely mentioned about especially for people wanting to explore the traditional side of Japanese culture.


First step to success on your first project as a project manager

You may have many questions on your first project about where to start or how to put a schedule together. Start by making clear your responsibilities, authority, project scope and resources.


New recruitment approaches to winning the recruiting competition

In the intense competition for outstanding personnel, companies implementing traditional recruiting strategies will be left behind by others. This article suggests approaches to recruiting in this internet and smartphone age.

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