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Final stages of the interview! Prevent skill mismatch – Detailed job description

An interview an opportunity for a company to find an appropriate candidate for their job vacancy. For candidates, it is an opportunity for them to obtain more details about the position they applied for and find a reason or motivation to choose the company. For this reason, the same explanation about the job opening should not be given to all candidates. It is important to adjust the explanation to suit each person. This article will cover the points to keep in mind when explaining the job description to prevent skill mismatching.

Necessary explanations

An overview of what should be explained was listed in the first article of this series. The following should be kept in mind when explaining.

  1. Company profile (Name, industry, company size, history, products, and services)
  2. There are many candidates who change jobs from a different industry. Explaining what business is conducted and the industry will allow the candidate to get a grasp of the work involved on the job once employed.
  3. Specific details on the job vacancy and duties
  4. Give a specific explanation about the 6W2H (Who/Why/What/When/Where/How/Whom/How much) of the job position, professional duties, and responsibilities.
  5. Company characteristics, differences from other companies in the same industry
  6. Candidates often apply for several jobs in the same industry. Appeal to the candidate what makes this company different from others and give them a reason to choose this company.
  7. Reporting line and company structure
  8. Explain the reporting line and briefly, of the structure of the company and departments.
  9. Career path
  10. Explain what career paths are possible to allow the candidate to grasp an image of their career after working long-term at the company.
  11. Salary and bonuses, etc.
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  13. Give accurate and clear explanations to promising candidates you wish to recruit to help them get a picture of what it would be like to work there. Give them a reason to choose this company over others. Specifically, explain to them the work atmosphere, the personalities of their potential colleagues and superiors, working load during normal and busy periods and other aspects relating to the work environment. Also explaining the more practical side of work, such as how they can put their skills and experience to use, will let the candidate easily imagine what kind of working life they will lead after entering the company.
  14. Give promising candidates a reason to choose your company
  15. This is most likely the factor candidates care most about. Give an appealing and clear explanation about the company’s welfare programs.

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