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The attractive self-presentation method during the Japanese company interview

The method of self-presentation during the interview varies from person to person because everyone has varied skill, experiences, strengths, and value. However, it also has differences between the type which can be easily accepted by interviewer or not, even if it’s not exactly the same. This article will focus on how to make a self-promotion that can make you stand out from crowd and introduce some basic ideas and specific methods that should be mastered.

The connection between points of self-presentation and the skills required by the enterprise
In the process of enterprise recruitment, HR department will develop corresponding recruiting strategic mostly focus on the skills, experience, strengths and recruiting numbers. Therefore, the most important thing is to find out the connection between yourself and talents required by enterprise while making the self-presentation. You should find out and focus on the enterprise business content, the actual business and the part you can make contribution in the narrative instead of simply self-analysis and introduce your experience and strengths.

So, how to grasp the kind of talents the enterprise needs and find the connection between yourself and these talents? The key is the combination of analysis of enterprise and yourself.

Effective enterprise analysis method
In order to grasp the capabilities and experiences that companies seek, it is essential to collect information before the interview. You can try to use enterprise introduction on the enterprise and recruitment website or visit the enterprise. Some of them will give out the ideal candidates. If this is not the case, you should refer to the industry and business model of your company and make a general impression on the enterprise. Specifically, the company’s customers, main products and services, as well as the sales methods of these products and services, can be used to infer the talents, experience and advantages of the enterprise

Combine self-analysis to find connection
Based on the enterprise analysis, you can compare and find out the connection between talents required by enterprise and yourself. For example, the candidates have the strength on foreign language communication ability which fits to the enterprise needs, candidates should introduce it as detailed as possible.(foreign language proficiency, the level of reading, writing, speaking , listening and applying.)

These are the points of self-presentation. According to different enterprises, carefully collecting varied information before applying. Combine needed ability of enterprise with your self-presentation. Try to make the preparation as more as possible to show your advantages.

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