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  1. Japanese Speaking Jobs in India
  2. Japanese Speaking Jobs in [India] [Chemicals / Materials] [Technical (Sales / Design / Development / Production Control)]

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Sales / Maintenance
Mechanical Design / Electronic Circuit Design / Architectural Design
Development / Research / Experimentation / Project Manager
Production Control / Quality Control / Construction Control / Environment, Health, and Safety / Postmarketing Surveillance
Chemicals / Materials
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About Japanese skills

· Fluent level: Can work as a Japanese interpreter in business meetings and public occasions (N1 level or higher, those who have worked long using Japanese or those who have stayed long in Japan)

Business: The ability to properly use Japanese in business negotiations and internal coordination. (N1 to N2 level, experience in studying in Japan, or having experience in Japanese-related work in Japanese-funded companies)
Experience in working in Japanese for a long time. People who have lived in Japan for a long time.

· Business level: Those who can use Japanese correctly at work such as business meetings and coordination work within company. (N1 to N2 level, those who have studied in Japan or have worked using Japanese in Japanese companies)

In business negotiations and internal adjustments, you can use Japanese without any problems
         Have experience in studying in Japan, or have experience working in Japanese companies.

· Conversational level: Can do daily conversation without any problems (N2 ~ N3 level, those who cannot do business meetings or those with less experience of work using Japanese)

There is no problem with daily conversations.
          It is difficult to negotiate, etc., and it is rarely used in Japanese.

· Studying or can not speak: Can not speak Japanese (those who can only greeting with Japanese are also in this category)

I don't speak Japanese (here includes people who only say hello in Japanese).

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