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Japanese speaking talents’ market trend and current status – India case

This series is going to explain Japanese speaking talents’ current status and market trend that may be useful for local recruitment in Asian countries. This time we discuss about India.


Scale of Japanese speaking manpower

According to the latest Survey Report 2012~2013 of Japan Foundation, the number of people studying Japanese in India was approximately 20,000 people. As stated by the same survey, Japanese-language education in India remarkably differs between regions. In urban area such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore, Japanese-language learning is popular among people there. Moreover, Indian seem to have strong willing to take part in Japanese Language Proficiency Test, in 2011 there were 6,525 people taking part in this test, then gradually increased every year and reached 10,104 in 2015. Relatively small compared to this number, the quantity of international students in Japan who took the test was only 879 people (according to the Japan Student Services Organization’s survey).

Extra value of Japanese language proficiency

According to Embassy of Japan in India and JETRO List of Japanese companies in India, the number of Japanese companies in India in October 2015 was 1,229. These companies are in high demand of Japanese speaking Indian with average salary 30%-50% higher than normal jobs in the same position and same age. Since there are more and more Japanese companies coming to India, not only the value of Japanese speaking talents but also salary standard is increasing at the moment.

Job hunting activities

In most cases, students go to University Placement Center (Employment Division) to do job hunting, so the job hunting period differs depending on rules of Placement Center. At Placement Center, they arrange and decide the starting date of company’s info session and recruitment rules, approaching methods, company info session process, etc., and there are also many universities where all the recruitment process from info session to job offer are completed in one day. Also, they adjust job demand and supply by controlling the number of job offers that students receive as “one student one company”. Beside universities, job search websites or private networking are also common ways for finding jobs.

On the other side, as a survey conducted by Kelly Services (USA) shows, career changing market has been dynamic with 55% Indian who wish to change their job within 5 years. Top reasons are “dissatisfied with salary” and “want to keep balance between work and life”. Moreover, after Indian New Year Festival “Diwali”, which is the time for paying bonus and raising salary in many companies, there is an active tendency of local talents to change jobs.

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